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Welcome to the Office of the City Clerk’s Electronic Legislative Management System (eLMS) Search Help.

The Electronic Legislation Management System provides online access to Chicago City Council records between December 1, 2010, to present.

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We continue to make improvements to the Electronic Legislative Management System. If you require support, please contact

For general questions about the Office of the Chicago City Clerk, please contact the main City Hall Office at (312) 744-8590. For questions about legislation or the Clerk's online Legislative Information Center, please contact the City Clerk's Council Division at (312) 744-6870.

How to search by using the Keyword Search

GENERAL SEARCH - Click "Search" to return a wider set of results, or specify one or more of the following search filters to further refine your search results:

SEARCH BY KEYWORDS - Searches site text

Some options for keyword searches:

Search by Legislative Text – Find the legislative text that matches the entered keywords.
Additionally, you can search within attachments. This is optional.

Search by Title – You may search the title of a piece of legislation by entering it in the keyword search.

EXACT SEARCH Click the Exact Search checkbox to find legislation with text that matches the specified keywords in the following details:

• Record #
• Title
• Filing and/or Controlling Body
• Sponsors
• Type
• Status
• Sub-status

Exact Search (default) option finds legislation with text that matches the specified keywords in the following details:

Search for "one-way" keyword with "Exact search" selected, returns:

• Only exact match of entire phrase
• Not case sensitive

General Search Uncheck the Exact Search option to expand your search to include variations of the specified keyword(s):

Search using "one" and "way" keywords with "Exact search" not selected. The search will return

• Exact match of entire phrase; and
• Partial match of each word in phrase

Council Date Filter

Select a City Council meeting date from the Council Date filter to lookup legislative actions on selected dates, that either was:

• Introduced in Council, or
• Final consideration was made by Council

Applying the Council date filter for "01/15/2023" will display legislation that were either introduced or finalized on the chosen Council date.

Show More Filters

Selecting Show More Filters option will display all the available filters in a pop-up window.

Using Filters will help further refine the search results:

Year - filters search results by filing year.

Status and Sub Status – filters search results to a specific file status or sub-status.

Filing Sponsor or Filing Office – filters search results to legislative sponsors or filing office.

Controlling Body - filters search results to legislation that is currently controlled by the specified body.

Type - filters search results to a specific legislation type.

Key Legislation – filters search results by key or substantive legislation.

Economic Disclosure Statement (EDS) – filters search documents containing economic disclosure statements.

• Any filters selected will be shown in the pop-up window and on the main screen.

• Similarly, filters selected in the pop-up window will be mirrored on the main screen.

• Utilizing the "Clear Filters" feature will remove ALL selected filters from both the main and pop-up screens and reset the search to the default.

Sort by Multiple Columns

Refine your search with our advanced sorting options:

Quickly organize your search results by multiple criteria. Simply hold down the "Shift" key and select the column headers that matter to you. Your search results will be presented in the precise order you have chosen whether in ascending or descending order. Tailor your view to perfection and find what you are looking for with ease.

Additionally, you can search within attachments. This is optional.

Column Sorts:

1. Filing Office: Sort results by Filing Office, organizing entries based on the selected filing office.
2. Intro Date: Within each Filing Office, further refine the order by sorting entries based on the Introduction Date.
3. Type: For a granular view, within each Filing Office and Intro Date group, sort entries based on the specified Type.


In order for you to easily navigate through your search results use our intuitive Pagination Control, strategically positioned both above and below the search result table.

Selecting page numbers allows you to quickly move through extensive lists and locate information with ease.

Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth browsing experience, enabling you to efficiently access and review the details you need.

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